Flower in Bloom Release

Lukka set out to craft an earnest and personal sound through the use of compelling melodies, poignant lyrics and edgy rhythms sections.


Her blend of 60s beat and 70s rock marks the sonic coordinates of the project on her recent studio work, “Flower in Bloom”. The song bridges the subtle gap between the energy of rock and the appeal of pop, with the lightness and wit of the retro aesthetics that define Lukka’s approach. The song features the spontaneity and grit of the sound of the “good old days”, but it also has a punchy, modern overtone. The striking thing about “Flower in Bloom” is that the song is intimate and personal thanks to its poetic approach to the lyrics, but it is also upbeat and energetic, echoing the work of influential performers such as The Beatles, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones, just to mention a few.